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We use popular publishing systems: Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), Mag Plus, Aquafadas, Origami (though we are open to discuss something else). All the systems are different not only in their features but also in pricing policy. It matters if your app is paid or free, how often and what platforms and devices you want to be distributed on. You can also try our free interactive publishing framework. WE WILL ADVISE HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR COSTS.

Outsource it!

We believe that outsourcing digital layout making is better. We do not occupy your workplace, you pay less taxes. Our team consists of many digital publishing professionals, so we can share the work to finish it in time whatever big it is. THIS IS THE WAY WE SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY.

Extra services

We also provide some additional but very important services. We make digital magazine advertising layouts, draw interactive HTML5 illustrations and animation, edit video and promote your app. OUR EXTRA SERVICES HELP TO DEVELOP YOUR PROJECTS.






We have been working with the guys from Riversea, who are renowned for their creativity, since 2008. We’re proud to be named among the most design-conscious special interest magazines about food and wine, and not just in Europe. Our main topics are wines, wine regions, worldwide market for wine, investments and auctions. All these topics are cumbersome, therefore we always value unusual graphic solutions. But Riversea guys always manage to extract the clear focus from vaguely reported ideas of our journalists. All their works are just pieces of arts, and they’re done timely, clearly, and extremely well.


Anastasia Prochorova

Editor in chief

Simple Wine News

We have been cooperating with the RiverSea almost for two years. This team of professionals delivers page-proofs, layouts and interactive digital version of MAXIM magazine for iPhone app. We often get a perfect feedback about RiverSea’s works. Our users appreciate an easy navigation, excellent layout, stable functioning of MAXIM’s iPhone app, which is always in the top of the Russian AppStore.


MAXIM editorial board

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